1. Background: This District Goals for the year 2017-18 is the result of on-going
consultation with PDGs, outgoing and incoming District Offi cials, Presidents,
President Elects, Senior Rotarians and the mandatory training of DGN, and DGE for
two years or more. Occasional feedback from clubs and the current status of the clubs
has also been seriously considered in developing this District Goals for 2017-18. In
general, the District Goals aims to achieve positive change in the overall situation of
the District and strengthen the Clubs for their effective and effi cient operation. The
Presidential Citation has also been consulted in setting the district goals. The goals
basically aim to focus towards three Strategic Priorities of Rotary International
namely support and strengthen clubs, focus and increase humanitarian service and
enhance Rotary’s Public Image and Awareness by using combined strengths of the
Rotary Clubs.
2. District Goals: Attempt has been made to set realistic, challenging, measurable, time
bound and achievable goals and has been presented as follows:
2.1 Administration:
(a) At least 3 Advisory council meetings preferably quarterly
(b) At least six Council of Governors meeting once every two months
(c) At least six Administrative Council meeting once every two months
(d) At least four District committee meetings quarterly and the first one producing
annual plan
(e) District Conference
(f) District Award ceremony
(g) Publish District directly and Palm Rotary App with Governors calendar and
dates of important events
(h) Monthly issues of Governors letter
(i) Facilitate all the clubs to register or renew registration with District Offi ces of the
(j) Mobilize AGs District Committee Chairs to assist Clubs
(k) Facilitate clubs to celebrate designated Rotary months and Rotary Year and
(k) District Qualifi cation for Global Grant
2.2 Membership:
(a) Maintain the number of Rotary Clubs
(b) Net growth of 450 members (4/5 per club) out of which 15 to 20 % will be
(b) Retention of 90% members and
(c) Making efforts minimum members in a club to be between 30 to 25
(d) emphasis on quality rather than quality in membership

(e) Oraganise Rota Quiz at regional level accommodating all clubs and culminating
semi fi nal and fi nal during District conference
(f) facilitate maximum number of clubs to receive presidential citation and
(g) Encourage clubs to orient potential new members before they are invited to join
2.3 Service Projects:
(a) Each club to have at least one Global Grant or District Grant within the six focus
(b) Encourage multi club and multi district projects
(c) Facilitate maximum number of clubs to receive Presidential Citation
(d) In addition cubs will be encouraged to oraganise at least one events (talk programme,
Intercity meetings, caps or exhibitions etc.) in any of the six areas of focus i.e. Peace and
Confl ict Resolution and Prevention, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water
and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy and
Economic and Community Development Program and
(e) Encourage clubs to organize at least two small scale events within the focus area
that directly befi ts the communities based on community needs
(f) promote at least one or two District level signature projects
(g) Engage and facilitate cubs to engage in re-habitation of schools and shelter
damaged by 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and in disaster preparedness’ and
(h) Encourage clubs to follow TEACH (Teacher’s support, E learning, Adult
Literacy, Child Development and Happy school) model in global grants on
Basic Education and literacy
2.4 The Rotary foundation:
(a) Approximately US$ 700,000 contribution in annual giving, restricted giving,
Polio Plus and endowment fund
(b) Encourage clubs to add PHSM, PHF, MPHF, PHS, EREY and Major donors
(c) Organize at least one AKS, Major Donor and PHS meet
(d) TRF Seminar will be organised at central and regional level
(e) Grant management seminar
(f) Stewardship seminar at Central & Regional Level to improve stewardship of
Global Grant Projects
(g) Improve in overdue reporting
(h) Recognition programme for contributors to TRF and fund raising
(i) Oversee each and every Global Grant applications to minimize rejection by TRF
(j) Make best use of District Designated Fund
(k) Activate sub committees to be effective and effi cient
(l) Facilitate maximum number of clubs to receive presidential citation

2.5 Public image:
(a) At least 50% clubs will have media partners (print and electronic)
(b) District to have at least one electronic and one print media partner
(c) Encourage Clubs to organizes media tour to visit their signature projects
(d) Erect or display visibility boards of Rotary at Strategic Entry points and cross
roads for enhance visibility of Rotary
(e) Encourage clubs to oraganise media tour
(f) Make best use of the promotional materials such as 4Way test of RI for
enhancing public image and visibility of Rotary
(g) Facilitate at least 50% clubs to receive presidential citation and develop a media
relation strategy and actions
3. Other Goals: The other Goals set at district level includes but not limited to are as
3.1 Capacity building: Some of the goals are:
• Formation of a string Training Faculty with 30 trainers
• Two Training of Trainers (central and one each at regional level)
• Structured Training Programs such as (a) District Team Training Seminar, DTTS
(b) President Elect Training Seminar, PETS (c) District Training Assembly, DTA
(d) Grant Management Seminar (e) Membership Development Seminar (f) The
Rotary Foundation seminar (g) Leadership Seminar for Rotaratcors, (h) Stewardship
Seminar, and (i) Leadership Seminar for Rotarians back to back with District
• Regional level training also will be organised at each region.
• New member orientation catering all the new members and continued education to
update Rotary knowledge of Rotarians
3.2 District and Club level Planning:
• District and Club Annual Plan and Goal Setting before July 2017
• Facilitate preparation a strategic plan or review and revision (if prepared already) at
a club level and encourage Clubs to upload annual Goals in Rotary Club central and
keep track of it
3.3 Rotary Information and Management System:
• Establishment of Rotary District information Management System at District and
Clubs levels with obvious link with each other’s. The District Website will be updated
periodically and will have substantial information on Rotary and its important events
like international convention, district conference etc.
• Strengthen Rotary Library and upgrade archives
• App “Palm Rotary” launched in 2016/17 will be updated and upgraded and make user
3.4 Districts Fund Raising and Resource Mobilization
• Establishment of District Fund
• District Award and Recognition
• Strengthening District Secretariat (administration, fi nance and operations)
• Upgrading the District Secretariat with all necessary equipment, furniture and other
• Secretariat support and necessary staff recruitment